Day 30 of 30 days of yoga

So. Final thoughts on yoga. Here we go.

1. I feel a little burned out. Yoga is great: it’s a great work out and it’s different every time, but oh. my gosh. 6 times a week is hard. I definitely wouldn’t be able to keep this rate going much longer even if I could afford to. I ended up using all of my rest days; 4 of them in the last 2 weeks.

2. That being said, I feel like yoga is a great alternative better than the gym (again, if you can afford it) why? because it is a well rounded work out. You are stretching, lifting your own  weight, and getting some light cardio, all in just an hour! Plus it is good for your mental and emotional well being.

3. Yoga has taught me that it’s ok to take some me time, and that maybe I should actually be scheduling it, instead of just squeezing it into where I can. My hubby and my boys benefit from me unwinding and being less stressed; even if that means losing me for 90 mins a day.

4. Yoga has also taught reminded me how AMAZING my body is. I can push out babies. That’s pretty amazing. But my body isn’t that strong only when I’m pregnant, it’s that strong ALL. THE. TIME.

5. And I guess I should share my physical results. Although I don’t think those are that important, they do show what 30 days of yoga does, right?

*disclaimer: during my 30 days, I did 30 to 60 mins of additional cardio once a week. I also rotated my lunch and dinner schedule so that I was eating big lunches and small dinners.


                        Day 1       Day 30           DifferenceIMG_20150802_184803

Bust          43.5                 42                   -1.5

Waist          32                31.5                  -.5

Hips            43                  41                   -2

Thigh          26                 23.5                 -2.5

Weight        170               164                 -6lb

I also increased my 1 rep maxes with weights:My arm maxes increased by an average of 20lbs and my legs increased my an average of 50!

I am excited to take a break from going to the studio and trying to develop my own at home practice. I plan on during another 30 days of yoga around Christmas time to take some more challenging classes and see how I am improving on my own.


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