Toddler Approved Fruit and Veggie Snacks.

Pretty much everyone knows that they don’t eat nearly enough fruits and veggies. Here is a list of easy-peasy, Jude approved fruit and veggies. I will keep updating this list as we continue to explore more foods!

  • Hummus covers a multitude of sins :) Jude will it almost anything if I dip it in hummus. Some favorites: bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, and carrots.
  • Plain yogurt (preferably whole fat) also covers a lot. Jude loves yogurt with blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and even apple slices.
  • Kale chips! You have to try these, at least once. They are so good and Jude practically inhales them….
  • Root mousse. These are really simple: Make mashed potatoes (wash, cut, boil, and mix), and season however you like, put replace half of the potatoes with carrots! So yummy. And it’s a pretty color!
  • Oven-dried strawberries. I slice mine thin using an egg slicer and they cook a lot faster then the recipe says. I think they taste like fruit gummies, but that’s just me….
  • Green Lemonade. This stuff is goooooddd.

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