30 Days of Yoga: Day 7…. and some excuses as to why I fail at blogging.

There are 2 parts to this post! 1 is about how yoga is going and the other is about how I have been epicly failing at keeping up my goal of a blog a day….

So. Today is day 7 of yoga, and I actually am taking today as a rest day because yesterday I took a class that was way more intense then I expected. (I’m giving myself 5 rest days to use as I see fit).  But we’ll start at the beginning.

On day 1, I took a level 1 flow class. Pretty easy. Some of the poses were hard, but I managed them and felt pretty accomplished that I wore my yoga pants for actual yoga. Day 2, however, was a different story. I went in thinking that the level 1 class would be filled with other newbies, plus it was the Forth of July so the class should be pretty small, right? NO. You know who shows up to an early Saturday morning class on the Forth? Dedicated yogis who are trying to squeeze in yoga to their holiday plans so they take a level 1 so that it’s super easy. And the teacher walked in and said “Who’s ready to work on your core strength?”  In case you are a dude, or a lady-dude who has never had babies, let me tell you something: having a 9lb watermelon growing underneath your ab muscles stretches them apart; then the baby comes out, your stomach deflates, and your abs are next to useless. Not to mention my abs have done this twice in the last 36 months. I can barely manage 5 sit ups before I burst into tears. So. To say that day 2 of yoga went well…. would be a lie.

Day 3 is where I finally started getting the mental part of yoga. I took a restorative class; which is holding poses for several minutes at a time, supported by pillows and props with the lights low. It’s supposed to calming your nerves and such. The first half of class I kept criticizing myself. Thinking I wasn’t getting a workout, so I should be using my time better! I was away from my babies so that I could stretch? What a waste…. But then I started realizing that the class is just 90 minutes. How little is that compared to the 3 YEARS that I have been pregnant and/or breastfeeding? 3 YEARS my body has been selflessly giving to my babies. I can take 90 minutes to stretch and relax and be calm and give it a break. And I may have dozed off a couple of times…..

Day 4 was a yin/restorative class, which is like restorative, but with a little more work, less props, and the lights on. Which is good because I stayed awake the whole class :D

Day 5 I took level 1 again with the same instructor. The class was just as difficult, but was more arms focused then abs. Part of yoga is being humble and listening to your body, which at this point I’m getting better at, and so I modified poses as I needed and used more props to support myself, which made the class way more enjoyable then the Forth of July episode…

And then there was yesterday. Good Lord. So. I took a Yin/Yang Flow class. Because I liked my first flow class, and I liked yin, so I would like this, right? Bwahahah. So. Yin is the calm deep stretching, and Yang is. Well. The exact opposite. Duh. We started with a series of really easy poses and we kept repeating them with harder modifications. And then the teacher kept speeding up the series. Faster and faster until it was 1 breathe per pose and I realized why this was so hard… We were doing burpees. Frikin burpees. In yoga. Ugh. The rest of the class was pretty much that, simple poses, sped up into recognizable exercise. At least it wasn’t boring…..

So here I am. Day 7 and I can barely lift my baby. So I used one of my rest days. Moderation is also an important part of yoga so I guess that I’m not breaking any rules :D

So. Why I haven’t been blogging.

This week was supposed to be a pretty chill week. The hubs is home on paternity leave, and he’s finishing summer school. Well last week, we found out the hubby’s job was on the line and he might be out of work. Well, that’s ok. We have a great emergency fund for just that reason! And then on the Forth our a/c went out. And it was estimated to cost 6k -8k initially. So. Ok.

To say my mind has been a little preoccupied would be an understatement. It’s a good thing yoga is actually helping my anxiety because I cannot imagine how much worse this week would have been with me in panic overdrive.

But yesterday we got 2 great phone calls: 1. Bryans boss called and said he got his job extended to Dec 31. YAY! Lots of time for us to get our poop in a group before then (But still please pray for/send positive vibes to him because he likes his job and would still like to have it next year) and 2. The a/c was going to cost $4500! That is still a TON of money, yes. but at least we don’t have to go into debt over it.

So I will try really hard to get back to blogging. Some people have been asking for more minimalism stuff. Some food stuff. I will get to both! (eventually…)

Also. I know a ton more of you are actually reading these then just the people who like and comment and I want to know who you are! It gets a little discouraging when you spend time writing something and nobody gives you feedback :)


One thought on “30 Days of Yoga: Day 7…. and some excuses as to why I fail at blogging.

  1. I love reading your blogs! (I think you already knew that though) I’m really happy Bryans work got extended and the A/C wasn’t as expensive to fix! I can’t wait to read more yoga blogs, and minimalist blogs or what ever you choose to write. My minimalist project for today/this week was cleaning out under the bathroom sink, it was much needed.

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