Minimalism Project Four: DOUBLES!

We have had 2 blenders. 3 sets of measuring cups. 4 or 5 sets of full size sheets (and we have a queen size bed, guys)


The rule of thumb for textiles is “one to wear, one to wash” So a set of sheets on the bed, a set in the wash. A towel that you’re using, and a dirty towel you already used.

What about TVs? The average american household has 3 TVs. Do you really need all of them?

Bryan and I have made the decision to go without a TV at the end of the month (we’re babysitting for a family friend with 3 kids overnight next week and I can’t even imagine how that would go without a tv….). If we really feel like watching a movie we can watch it on one of our 2 laptops. Or the desktop…. Or at  my mom’s…. :)

Tell me what kind of ridiculous doubles you guys find! I’m excited so many people have come up to me telling me that they are clearing out stuff too! It makes me happy to share this experience with others :D

Full list of projects here.


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