Minimalism Project Three: Medicine Cabinet/Pantry.

This one is pretty easy. Grab a trash bag, go into the bathroom, and start tossing anything that’s expired. Easy and painless.

I found pills that expired in 2013. Gross. And to make it worse, I’ve moved since then. I packed, moved, and unpacked, and put away expired pills.


If you are feeling really motivated, try getting rid of other stuff too. I had bottles of lotion that i hated the scent, but was hanging on to because they were gifts. Then I realized I don’t even remember who gave them to me, and that whoever they are, they dont know that I tossed the them. So really, I wasnt hurting anybody :)

So, if you are like me, you should declutter the bathroom one day, and the pantry the next day. (“I got something done. TWO DAYS IN A ROW! I’m amazing!)
Or if you feel better if you fill a whole garbage bag, do it all at once. More power to ya.

On to the pantry. Pretty straight forward.  Toss the expired stuff. Dont forget the fridge :)

Happy Decluttering!


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