Minimalism Project One: Facebook

What?!? Facebook? I thought we were getting rid of junk?!?

Yes we are :)

Here’s the thing, we spend way to much time in front of screens. And a big part of that is social media.

We all know how social media is a bad influence, blah blah blah blah. So I’m not going to get into that.

What I am going to say is that social media is time consuming. If you can refresh your newsfeed every few minutes and have new stuff to look at, you might be following to many people and pages….

All of that information is noise. Even if you think just you’re just scrolling, your brain is working and processing EVERYTHING.

More information = more brain power = more stress.

You really don’t need more stress.

When I started going through my friends, I had the goal of deleting 25.

I deleted 65.

It’s way easier then you think. So lets start shall we?


As I was going through my friends list, there were obvious people to delete. People I hadn’t talked to in years. There were also people who probably shouldn’t be deleted (Like the hubby :D) But there were a lot of maybes.  So here is how I decided:

  • Have I talked to this person in the last 6 months? (heads up: the 6 month rule is going to come up A LOT when decluttering)
  • Does this person post interesting or funny articles/videos?
  • Does this person post ADORABLE pictures of their kid that I love?
  • Will you start some major drama if you unfriend them? (we will talk about this in a minute….)

If the answer to all of these is no, then why are you still following them?

What I did with certain individuals (like people I don’t really talk to, but who have relationships with the boys and like to see their pictures), instead of unfriending them was unfollowing them (go to their facebook page, and on the top it  will say “Following”. Click it) This means that they can still see your stuff, but you won’t see theirs unless you actually go to their page, which helps with the main goal of uncluttering your newsfeed.


I feel like this only applies to the younger generation, but here it goes anyways.

I was following 1044 pages guys. That’s a whole lot of pointless crap in my feed. Most of the pages were things like “yes officer, i saw the sign. I just didn’t see you” and “na na na na na na BATMAN”

There is zero reason for me to have to scroll through all the junk those pages posted. So I “unliked” all the pages that weren’t actual things and kept things i actually like reading about: Like the Red Sox and The Badass Breastfeeder. I also unliked musicians. Even though I listen to them, doesn’t mean I need to see every little detail about them 24/7.

Since I’ve purged my facebook of useless noise, I’ve noticed myself spending less and less time checking it. Which is awesome. I think we all need to look up from our screens more anyways :)

*If you do a decluttering project, brag about it in the comments to encourage others to do the same!


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