Mother’s Day and Temper Tantrums….

I don’t think anyone informed my two year old that today is supposed to be my day, because it’s pretty much been exactly like any other roller coaster of a day with him.

But yesterday, during his regular nap time mega melt down tantrum right after lunch, i was holding him really tightly to avoid being smacked while also trying to protect my ears from his glass shattering screams. I was about to throw in the towel and just forget the nap. maybe even sell him to the gypsys. I had nothing left in me. but then this thought popped into my head.

Someday soon, he won’t even take naps. He’ll be driving at some point. And he’s going to make some big mistakes eventually.maybe he’ll sneak out. or call me a dirty name. or something. and it’s going to break my heart. but this? this little tantrum? this is nothin’! I will be longing for these days to come back when he tells me he’s met “the one”  And then suddenly, I felt…. JOY?!? yes. joy, in the middle of a ridiculous temper tantrum. It was actually almost comical after that. His chubby, tear streaked face fighting the inevitable sleep that was coming. He’s so stubborn, which will eventually be a good trait… i hope :)

Mommies, life is short. Breathe. Kiss your babies. Smile. This is just one moment out of millions. And it will be gone too soon.


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