Weird Choices Part 2: Circumcision. Vaccines. The Works.

I already know this is going to be a ridiculously long post, so I’m just going to jump right into it. If you missed part 1, you can read it here.


For the longest time, I figured pretty much all guys got circumcised, so there must be some really good reasons as to why parents put their baby boys through this. When I found out I was pregnant, I started looking into it, and found out their really aren’t a lot of medical reasons to circumcise! So I decided I wasn’t going to put my baby through that because I didn’t see a reason too. I understand some people feel religiously compelled to circumcise, and I get that. That is between you and God and not me. But when I told people I wasn’t going to circumcise our son, the reactions were INTENSE. I got told that my son would hate me for not circumcising him. That I was putting his health at risk. That I was spitting on the bible… lots of fun stuff. And I get it. To me, I see circumcising as the equivalent to tattooing your baby for no reason. But guess what? I’m not going to rip your head off. I will tell you that you should make sure you research, and not do something because everyone else is doing it. Reach your own decision and be strong in it because you BELIEVE in what you are doing. So. Anyways. Here is some of the info that I came across in my research. There is a much longer blog with good links here if you are interested in fact checking and further research.

  • The AAP says that one of the “potential” benefits of circumcision is a lower risk of UTI. Even if this is true, you have to look at ALL the numbers. Girls under 2 years old are twice as likely to have a UTI then boys. So in other words, my uncircumcised son is still less likely to have a UTI then if I had a daughter. That being said, UTI’s are easily treatable with natural remedies or antibiotics. It is a risk I’m willing to take.
  • Another “statistic” I found was that  circumcised boys have lower STD rates then non circumcised. 1. Teach your kids not to sleep around? and 2. If this is true, why does the country with the highest circumcision rate (70% in America) have the highest rate of people living with HIV and AIDS in a first world country? I have a hard time believing this one.
  • The AAP also claims that circumcision cuts the rate of penile cancer. Assuming this is true, more men die from breast cancer then penile cancer. BREAST CANCER. In fact, more babies die of circumcision complications each year then men who die from penile cancer. So, this doesn’t really weigh out as a “benefit”
  • Now. The religious argument. Yes. God told Abraham to circumcise himself and his sons and all the males so on and such forth and it was a sign of the covenant between God and Abraham. But have you looked into what traditional circumcision is? It was cutting off the tip of foreskin, not the whole thing! So circumcision today isn’t even the same act as the covenant. Ready for a fun fact? Back in the day, the ancient Olympics were competed in the nude. Jews weren’t allowed to compete, and obviously you could tell they were Jewish, as they were missing some foreskin. Jewish males began stretching out their foreskins in order to be able to compete. This is when circumcision moved to entire removal of the foreskin, rather then just part, so that Jewish males couldn’t hide it.  Anyways. The covenant was a part of the law. It was how you belonged to God. It is how you were saved. We are now free from the law because we are saved by GRACE. That was kind of Jesus’s purpose. He didn’t die and kick the devil’s butt so that we could still be held accountable to the law. Also, Galatians 6:15 :)
  • And lastly, the peer pressure argument. “But he won’t look like his dad!” He doesn’t have his dads nose either but I’m not paying for him to get a nose job anytime soon. “Other kids will make fun of him” Uhm. Kids are mean. Even if he was circumcised, other kids would find something else to make fun of. And remember that 70% rate? That’s all American males. The newborn rates are even lower, with only a 60% rate of circumcision nationally, and only a 40% rate on the west coast. Which means when (and if) Jude is ever in that boys locker room, it’s pretty much going to be 50/50.

Here is a link from Dr. Sears about benefits of not circumcising. And please understand I am not trying to shame anyone or make you feel guilty. Every parent has to do what they feel is right for their family. Speaking of which….


I am not going to argue theories on this one. Yes, I see correlations between auto immune diseases and vaccines, but I’m going to try to just stick to the solid, undeniable facts that led us to not vaccinating.

  • Hubby’s family history isn’t so great with vaccines. Hubby himself has only had his first dose of DTap, which he had a terrible reaction to, and later, (when he was much, much older) he had a tetanus shot with no reaction. I really didn’t want to risk my baby having the same bad reaction as his dad.
  • When I was pregnant, Bryan got accepted to ASU. In order to attend ASU, you have to be up to date on your MMR shot, or prove immunity. We really didn’t want him to get the shot, so we shelled out the $30 bucks for a blood test, even though we were pretty sure he wasn’t going to be immune. But! The results came in a few days latter and not only was hubby immune to all 3, but he had higher antibody counts then most people up to date with the vaccine. This really reaffirmed our idea that we didn’t need to vaccinate our baby.
  •  Now, the ingredients. There is nothing in vaccine ingredients that I would eat. And I’m a pretty strong believer in that if you wouldn’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on or in your body. (Although I am struggling with switching my shampoos and body wash…) I’m not going to go through every ingredient (there are tons), but just a couple that I think are the worst ones.

Aluminum – aluminum is in most vaccines. Although it is technically “safe” to ingest, it is actually controlled in IV’s because certain populations (babies and the elderly) can accumulate toxic levels of aluminum because their bodies aren’t processing it quickly enough. With this in mind, the average shot has more aluminum then is allowed in IV’s, and we give babies multiple shots at a time. Here is Dr. Sears medical explanation.

Human diploid tissue – For me personally, this is the worst one. human diploid tissue was originally harvested from aborted fetuses in the 60’s – 80’s, but is now just those same cells, cultured and frozen until they are needed. This is used to culture polio, hep A and the chicken pox vaccine.

Again. Do your research. Decide on your own, not following popular opinion just because.

I’m going to end here. Next post will be much lighter. Promise.


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