FAQ : Laundry Soap

I’m currently selling homemade laundry soap. 5 bucks for a quart, which does 64 loads. Thats half the price of your regular laundry detergants! Plus, If you return the mason jar, I’ll give you a dollar back or a dollar off your next batch. Now, the quick FAQs

Is it safe for babies?

yes. Jude breaks out when we used gain on his stuff so we had him on an expensive organic brand. but he doesn’t breakout with the homemade stuff. I can make a super sensitive version, but it doesn’t clean grease and oil as well. but for your typical baby laundry it will do just fine.  DO NOT USE HOMEMADE SOAP ON CLOTH DIAPERS. 

What scents do you have?

Lavender, citrus, or no scent. I can also do tea tree, which is antibacterial and anti-fungal, but a bit stinky. I use it on rags and towels

Why are there no bubbles?!?!

did you know the reason regular detergants bubble is because they add chemicals that have nothing to do with cleaning just to make suds? Then they market it to us suggesting that more bubbles equal more cleaning power. pretty smart, huh? So, because I don’t add chemicals to make bubbles, the soap doesn’t really make suds. but it cleans very well. 


If you have any more questions or want to order some, just facebook me :)


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